Reputation and Privacy Monitoring

At renommé.io we believe everyone has a right to know which information is being shared about you. Our reputation and privacy monitoring services lets you take control of your online reputation and privacy, and makes it simple for you to track your online foot print.

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Privacy Check-up Report

Our privacy check-up report shows you which information you share and helps you change your privacy settings.

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Active Monitoring

We will monitor the web and social networks for mentions of you and let you know what is being shared about you.

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Reputation Alerts

Our monitoring mechanism will send you an alert if you're mentioned in a new article or post.

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Reputation Dashboard

Our reputation dashboard uses advanced web crawlers and AI powered sentiment analysis to help you understand which kind of information is available about you online. Using the dashboard you can easily browse all your mentions and locate negative information and privacy concerns.

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Monitors social networks

Our system integrates with most social networks to help you understand your privacy settings and monitor your reputation.

Monitors web search

We actively monitor relevant web searches to help you understand what people find when they google your name.

Monitors web image search

We actively monitor web image searches to show you which pictures people find when they google your name.