Candidate Screening Made Easy

At renommé.io we help talent acquisition professionals perform online candidate screenings. Our screening tool will crawl the internet and social media sites to gather relevant information about your candidate and use machine learning technologies to distill this information into an easily digestible screening report.

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Online & Social Media Screening

Our online screening tool will allow you to easily screen a candidates public information across the internet and multiple social networks.

Focus on the Important Information

Our advanced algorithms will identify relevant and potential controversial public information to assist you in your hiring decision.

One Combined Candidate Report

Our easy to read candidate report makes it easy for you to share your findings with your colleagues.

Repeatable process

Using our screening tool you will always apply the same process for every candidate giving everyone a fair process.

Generate a screening report in minutes

Using our advanced screening tool we enable you to create a candidate online screening report in minutes. We will apply our advanced algorithms to identify the information that is relevant to your hiring process - saving you hours of browsing through a candidates social media accounts and search results.

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