Privacy Check-up Report from renommé.io

Our privacy check-up report will examine you check your privacy settings on social media and other web based platforms to ensure you understand what is being shared with who, and provide you guidance on how you can protect your information.

Do you know which information you shared online and who can see your posts?

Our unique Privacy Check-up Report lets you understand the privacy settings of your social media accounts, and how this affects the visibility of the content you share. We will also walk you through our recommended settings to ensure you can safely share content online without being worried it ends up in front of the wrong eyes.

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The Privacy Check-up Report will:

  • Help you understand how privacy settings affect the content you share
  • Show you examples of what you shared, and who can access it
  • Ensure you understand which information people can find about you online
  • Assist you in modifying your privacy settings to ensure only content you can to be publish is public

Our Privacy Check-Up Report is ideal for

  • High School Students getting ready to apply for college
  • College graduates looking for their first job
  • Job seekers

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